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At Putta Bucca Landscaping & Concrete Supplies, we know that your garden is your baby. Whether you take pride in growing the prettiest blooms in the neighbourhood along your front balcony, or you’re growing your own vegetable garden so your family can have fresh edibles all season long, we want to help you grow the healthiest, most vibrant garden possible.

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We have a number of gardening supply options that will help you grow your healthiest garden yet. You’ll find that we have mulch to help cut down on weeds, keep the soil at adequate temperatures and replenish the soils nutrients. We also carry a variety of veggie soil options to help accommodate all manner of vegetables so they get exactly what they need to grow at their healthiest and most nutritious. Whatever type of garden you’re growing, and whatever your specific requirements, you are sure to find gardening supplies here at Putta Bucca Landscaping & Concrete Supplies.

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Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb, or you’re just getting started and need a little guidance, we are here for you every step of the way. Call or stop by and one of our gardening experts will walk you through the process of finding the best gardening supplies for your project. We’re equipped for jobs large and small.






7MM pea gravel:

$50/half ton

14/20mm river gravel:

$50/half ton

Bagged Products:


Fertiliser 25kg:


Gypsum 20kg:


Potting mix 20kg:


GP cement:

$11 bag

Blood & Bone 20kg:


A–C grade railway sleepers: