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Mulches And Landscape Supplies In Mudgee


No garden bed is complete without our high-quality mulches! We have a variety of organic and synthetic mulches to help you reach your landscaping goals much more easily. Not only does mulch provide an attractive, more “put together” covering to place around flower beds and shrubs, but it also has numerous practical purposes that will help your plants thrive for longer, while also making your gardening chores a little easier.

Types of mulches

We carry a variety of mulches to help with a number of gardening issues. For instance, there are weed barriers that prevent weeds from cropping up around your flowers, so you can spend less time weeding your garden and more time enjoying it. Organic mulch is also a great option for those who want to maintain healthier soil without having to do tons of extra work. Organic mulches, such as tree bark, helps to hold in moisture, keep the soil cooler, and as it breaks down, it creates a natural compost that will replenish vitamins and minerals into the soil for healthier plants.

Ask about our variety of mulches today

If you are getting started with a gardening project, feel free to give us a call, and one of our landscaping experts will help you determine which mulches are the best options for your garden. We will go over our options and help set you up with the amount you need, as well as delivery or pick-up options. We also carry a wide range of other landscaping and gardening products that will help you achieve the ideal garden, flower bed or landscape. You will find that we have a variety of mulches, sands, soils, aggregates and more.

Get in touch today to get started! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Certified soft fall:


Golden bark:

$50/half M3


$50/half M3

Mini nugget:

$85 M3
$50/half M3

Cypress pine:

$50/half M3

Sugar cane: